Superhero II

To add to the previous list:

Madame Bovary...Carrie Bradshaw

Read that one however you like. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.


I commissionned this from my mother.

There once was a girl with a list

The reading of which was the pits

The French list was long

Like a bad country song

'Twas Derrida so sorely she missed

...which we then ran through Google translator...

Il était une fois une fille avec une liste

dont la lecture était le puits

la liste française a longtemps été

comme un chant de mauvais pays

TWAS Derrida si durement qu'elle a raté

Laughing. Really hard.

Ok, back to my Friday night date with Madame Bovary.



Looking for help reading.

When it gets especially difficult reading X, I pick up Y.

La Quête du Graal...Heidi Klum
Les Lettres Persanes...Christine de Pizan
François Villon...Buffy

So, "pick up" is maybe not always exactly appropriate...

It's not that I don't like X. In fact, La Quête du Graal is one of my favorites so far on the List, and François Villon fits particularly well with the melancholy November falling in.

Ys* however, have in common (and just now realizing this) is the kind of badass, strong lady figure Heidi, Christine, and Ms. Summers represent. If this Y-recourse pattern continues, maybe some sort of amalgamated literary superheroine will arise. Reading List Succor.

*also Ys, Joanna Newsom's album, which I'll keep in mind for the next time I need help. Which would be somewhat contemporaneous with the Medieval section I'm finishing up.